Past Clients & Testimonials

"I love my clients!"

Joyce & John - Sellers

John & Joyce are what we refer to in this business as "dream sellers". Couldn't be nicer and couldn't have maintained their home better. Their home sold in 3 days! Best wishes in Austin!

Meghan & Darrell - Sellers

Meghan & Darrell's new construction condo in downtown Memphis sold in 3 days above list price! Now, that's the way it's done! Congratulations and best wishes in Gulfport!

Dr. B - Purchaser

Dr. B. purchased Allison's condo (below). Wishing you many happy years at your new address!

Steven & Allison - Sellers & Purchasers

We sold Allison's condo in the Grahamdale area and then purchased their new home in the Bartlett area. Congratulations!!!

Craig & Jessica - First Time Buyers

We found Craig and Jessica's gorgeous Tudor style home in Vollintine-Evergreen Historic District the first day we started looking. It's absolutely gorgeous! Best wishes!

Tammy - Purchaser

Tammy moved to Memphis from the gulf coast after the hurricanes. She purchased a great bungalow in Evergreen Historic District. Congratulations!

Tammy - Purchaser

Tammy purchased a brand new construction home in Arlington for she and her daughter. It's too cute and they are enjoying life in the county!

Matt & Maria - First Time Buyers

Matt & Maria moved to Memphis from Atlanta with job transfers. They fell in love with a Midtown Traditional that was beautifully renovated and ready for move in! Congratulations!

David - First Time Buyer

David selected a classic Midtown Bungalow as his first home - right across the street from me! Best wishes always David!

Jackie - First Time Buyer

Jackie purchased her first home in East Memphis. She chose a beautifully renovated home situated on a corner lot. Best wishes with your new home!

Eliot & Bonny - First Time Buyers

Eliot & Bonny moved to Memphis for their jobs from Texas. They purchased a spacious bungalow in Cooper-Young. Wishing you many happy years at your new address!

Melanee - Home Buyer

Melanee relocated to Memphis from California. We looked at numerous homes before finding the perfect match for her. She chose a beautifully remodeled home in Central Gardens that was move-in ready! Enjoy for many years to come!

Hazel - Home Seller & Home Buyer

I sold Hazel's home to Paula & Jeanette below. Then, represented Hazel in the purchase of her beautiful new home just three streets away! Congratulations!

Paula & Jeanette - First-Time Home Buyers

Paula & Jeanette purchased their very first home in Vollintine-Evergreen. They purchased Hazel's adorable Cottage above. Best of wishes to you both!

Jonie & Dan - First-Time Home Buyers

Jonie & Dan fell in love with Michael & Tracy's home (below) and just had to have it. They're now expecting their first baby, so the custom painted child's room was a perfect match (if it's a girl!). Of course, the real baby is Judge - their huge and adorable blonde lab. Judge went along with us on all of our showings and often made Jonie take the back seat! The neighborhood cats are thrilled that Judge has a new home to move into - the neighborhoods are safe again!

Michael & Tracy - Home Sellers

Michael & Tracy had a fantastic remodeled home in Vollintine-Evergreen to sell. They love the house, but have simply outgrown it. Baby # 3 is now on the way! I sold their home to the couple above. Congratulations!

Michael & Carrye - Sellers (Repeat Clients)

I sold Michael's home to Debbie & Jasmine below. Michael and Carrye just got married, so he's moving into Carrye's home on the north side of Midtown. Michael and I have worked together twice now - thanks again and best wishes!

Debbie & daughter Jasmine - 1st Time Buyers

Debbie & Jasmine bought their first home from my seller above (Michael). Their new home is in Cooper-Young and offers lots of space and upgrades. Jasmine has the best set up in the renovated attic space, which is like having her own apartment . A big congratulations to you both!

Amy - 1st Time Buyer

Amy purchased her very first home in High Point Terrace. She got a beautifully renovated home in a great neighborhood & close to her work. All she had to do was move in! Best wishes to you Amy!

Alison & Ty - New to Memphis

Ty and Alison relocated to Memphis from North Carolina. They've lived in Memphis previously, but decided they needed more! We found their new home in Bartlett - an adorable remodeled traditional in a quiet neighborhood, close to everything Bartlett has to offer - best wishes!

Mrs. May - Seller

Mrs. May lived in her home for more than 30 years. She had a very nice brick traditional home just on the outskirts of Midtown to sell. Her home had lots of activity, including three offers within the first two weeks on the market! Congratulations on the sale of your home!

Lisa & Rob - Buyers (this time) - Repeat Clients

After selling their home in Midtown to move to Mississippi a few years back, they just can't stay away from the spirit of Midtown. Rob & Lisa have purchased a very large and historic Midtown charmer as an investment - who knows what we'll be getting into next! Congratulations!

Andrea & David - Sellers

Andrea had a fantastic bungalow in Midtown that she needed to sell fast - getting engaged changes things - we sold her home within 72 hours - it doesn't get much better than that! Proper pricing and preparing your home for the market is always a must! A big congratulations to you both on the sale and with your upcoming marriage!

Janice - 1st Time Buyer

We found Janice's very first home in the heart of Vollintine-Evergreen Historic District. Her new home is an adorable bungalow, very spacious and packed with new systems and upgrades - wishing you many happy years at your new address!

Stella, Katrina & Johnny - 1st Time Buyers

We searched for almost 2 years for this family before finding the right match (well, taking a break for a year or so for Miss Stella to be born). We finally found the perfect match in Bartlett - a beautifully renovated ranch style suited them all. (It's hard when your wife is a Midtowner and your husband is a suburbinite).....anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

John & Christine - Home Buyers - New to Memphis

John & Christine relocated to Memphis from Pittsburgh to find their first new home. We found them a great traditional style home close to Germantown that had all of the amenities they were looking for and more! Welcome John & Christine!

Rose Ann & Cindy - Home Buyers & Repeat Clients

This mother & daughter team decided to buy together this time. They chose a beautiful new construction home in Bartlett - plenty of space for both of them and the two grandchildren! Congratulations!

Cynthia & Sam - Home Sellers

Sam and Cynthia had a beautifully maintained home to sell in South Memphis. Although we had 2 failed contracts, the third one was the charm! This home would go under contract within a matter of days each time it was back on the market - we just needed to find a good buyer! Finally, they can move forward with their new construction home in Marion. Congratulations!!!!

Mike - First-Time Buyer

Mike purchased a very nice home in Lakeland as his first. It has tons of space, a great floor plan, and plenty of room for storing his work equipment. Mike, you were a ball of fun to work with - congratulations!

Bhaki & Linda - Sellers

This Midtown couple had a great condo in the Lenox School area to sell. As expected, it sold quickly. They did wonderful renovations to the home including new hardwood flooring, paint and updated appliances. We'll be working together again soon to find their new home!

Nancy (and her Dad, Joe) - First-Time Buyer

Nancy purchased Jimmie's home (below) as her very first home in Memphis. Nancy moved from Nevada. Her new home has a great back yard for her dog to play and she has great neighbors - congratulations!

Jimmie - Seller

Jimmie had a nicely maintained home to sell in the U of M area. He's moved back home to Alabama to care for his Mom. Good luck!

Margo - Seller & Repeat Client

Margo's beautifully renovated home sold the first week on the market! All of the buyers who viewed her home raved about how nice it was. Margo is moving to Nashville with her two children. Will miss you and look forward to a visit!

Richard - Buyer & Repeat Client

Richard purchased a cute little condo as an investment property in Midtown. Richard is always fun to work with and makes the whole process fun - congratulations again, Richard.

Phil & Barb (Barb not pictured) - Sellers

Phil & Barb's home in Bartlett sold in 7 days! This is proof that pricing your home right from the start (and preparing it for the market with a few upgrades) always nets a faster sale, at the highest price possible. You were both a joy to work with and I wish you the best with your move to Wyoming!

Past Clients & Testimonials

"I love my clients!"

Kun & Xiang - First-Time Buyers

This couple purchased their very first home in East Memphis. They decided on a new construction home that was ready for them to move right into! Enjoy!

Ken - Returning to Memphis to Retire!

Ken has been weathering the cold in PA for many years. He's very happy to be moving back home to Memphis and enjoy his wonderful Germantown home, children and grandchild! Congratulations, Ken!

Chelsea & Vince - First-Time Buyers

Chelsea & Vince purchased their very first home in Vollintine-Evergreen Historic District. They were renting just around the corner, so they didn't have far to move! They have plenty of space in their beautifully renovated home to grow in. Yea!

Brigette - Seller

We sold Brigette's adorable home to Al & Debra below. Brigette is leaving the city life to move to Arlington. Congratulations on the sale of your home and best wishes.

Al & Debra - Purchasers

This couple moved from Louisiana to relocate back to Memphis. They decided on a beautifully renovated Traditional in Central Gardens Historic District. Congrats & Enjoy!

Yolanda & Cathy - Sellers

This mother and daughter had a family home to sell. Funny how things work out, their neighbor across the street bought it! They've gotten a new home in Southaven, MS to move into. Best of luck to you both!

Ali & Adam - First-Time Purchasers

Well, Adam quickly learned that the "women" choose the houses...Ali & Adam both agreed on a very hip East Memphis home - close to their work and families. They're so excited about it - can't wait to see some of Adam's "Do it Yourself" projects! Good luck & Congratulations guys!

Michel & Stephenie - First-Time Purchasers

We had to find just the right home for this cute couple - and we found it! Evergreen Historic District held the perfect match for Michel & Stephenie. Their new home has tons of room to grown in, great neighbors, and a spacious yard. They know which room is mine when I come over to spend the night! Congratulations!!!!

Dave & Lew - Investors

Dave & Lew's latest project was in Midtown - I represented them in the purchase & resale of this home. They rehabed a beautiful old home in Cooper-Young. Looking forward to the next project guys!

Kim & Todd - Sellers & Purchasers

Todd & Kim's home in Bartlett was packed with upgrades and lovingly maintained - not to mention spacious....they were ready to downsize a bit, with just enough room for the new grandbaby. They've also moved to Olive Branch. Best of luck to you!

Jeff & Allison - Sellers & Purchasers

This is the 2nd time I've worked with Jeff & Allison. We sold the home in Bartlett they beautifully renovated (and outgrew) since baby Cole was born. They've now relocated to Olive Branch, MS. Good luck in your spacious new home!

Heather, Dominic & Josh - Purchasers

This new family moved to Memphis from two opposite sides of the country. They settled into a beautifully renovated Tudor-style home in Cooper-Young Historic District. I'm very proud to say they are my new next door neighbors - yea! Welcome!

Joe, Kathy & Kids - Sellers

This growing family had a great home in Midtown to sell. We priced it effectively and it sold in 7 days! They have moved out of state already into their new home. Best wishes to you!

Billy & Crystal - Sellers

Billy & Crystal were EXCELLENT homeowners - they had maintained their home beautifully and packed it with upgrades. As expected, it sold within the first 3 days of being on the market at full list price. Proof that pride in ownership pays off! They've purchased a brand new construction home out of state. You were both a joy to work with - best of luck to you both and congratulations!

Rickesha & James - First-Time Buyers

This couple had gone through quite a bit before coming to me to help them find their first home. After a long struggle, we FINALLY got them closed and into their great new home. They are both so excited and I am equally excited for them. They are so deserving of their great new home - wishing you many years of happiness in your new place!

Nelle - Seller

Nelle had an adorable bungalow home in the Pink Palace area to sell. Nelle moved just up the street into her new apartment. Now, she can still walk back to visit her great neighbors. Congratulations, Nelle!

Manish - Seller/Investor

Manish had a rebuild home in the Cordova area to sell. This home also sold very quickly and the new buyer is loving her new home. Manish is also an investor and is always looking for great deals. Congratulations!

Corey & Kendra - First-Time Buyers

This couple was looking for a home with a large lot and with a little TLC that needed to be done on the property. We found their perfect home in the Raleigh area - plenty of acreage and privacy (and a little work to be done too!). You both weathered well for being first-timers - and you were a blast to work with - congratulations!

Michele - Seller

I sold Michele's cute home in the High Point Terrace area - she and Tom then purchased their beautiful new home in Lakeland (further down the page). Michele's home sold quickly as expected due to her pride in ownership and beautiful renovations - thanks, Michele!

Melanie & John - First-Time Buyers

John & Mel are new to the Memphis area, but we still managed to find one of the prettiest Midtown homes. There home is a french-style home on a gorgeous treed lot, ready for their renovation - this home will be a showplace when they're finished - not to mention a great investment - congratulations!

Chris - Buyer/Investor

Chris lives in California and buys quite a bit of property in the Memphis area as investment. His parents and I usually do the "shopping" and let him know of which ones we think are great deals. Chris (and his parents) are a joy to work with - thanks again Chris!

Michele & Tom - Purchasers

Michele & Tom bought a beautiful new home in Lakeland. The home is located in a quiet neighborhood with large lots and plenty of trees - congratulations!

Rebekah & Alan - Sellers

Rebekah & Alan had a gorgeous home to sell in Central Gardens. They did a complete renovation of this home and it is beautiful. As expected, it sold quickly. They moved into another home they own in Midtown . Congratulations!

Kerry - Purchaser

Kerry moved to Memphis from the Boston area. She found out quickly how different our markets are! She settled into a grand old Midtown home built in the late 1800's. Lots of renovations have already been done on her new home, but she has plans for additional renovation! Good luck!

Tonya - Buyer

Tonya wanted county living (with no city taxes!) and a home with plenty of space for a pool - we found her perfect home in Oakland. Congratulations Tonya!

Eve & Chris - Sellers

Eve & Chris had a great little home in the Berclair area to sell. They did a lovely job on the renovations of this home and moved into a larger home with their two little girls - congrats!

Aileen, Tom & Eppa - Sellers

This family had a gas station that their father built to sell. We sold it to Kush & Pooja below. You were all a joy to work with - congratulations!

Kush & Pooja - Buyers/Investors

Kush & Pooja purchased a commercial property that was owned by the family above. They bought in the upcoming "Uptown Memphis" area. I represented both sides in this transaction.

Ericah, Noah & James - Sellers

Ericah and James had a nice home in the Bartlett area to sell. They relocated to Kentucky with James' new job. The buyer of their home loves it! Congratulations!

Clay & Natalie - First-Time Buyers

Clay & Natalie moved to Arlington from East Tennessee. They relocated here for their jobs. We found them a very nice home in a quiet neighborhood convenient to everything - enjoy!

Jose & Mariella - 1st Time Buyers

Jose & Mariella moved to Memphis from Peru! They purchased their first home in beautiful Walnut Grove Park. They are learning how different things are in US homes! Enjoy your renovation plans and best wishes always!

John - Seller

John had a beautiful home in the Pink Palace area to sell - as expected, it sold quickly!

John has relocated to tranquil Arizona and has big plans to build his dream home there. Apparently, the wildlife, specifically a bull and his girlfriend, love John and his two pups as well! They come right up to his home daily!

John was an absolute JOY to work with - best wishes to you always John.

Past Clients & Testimonials

"I love my clients!"

John & Jayson - Sellers

We sold John & Jayson's beautiful 4-Square home in Central Gardens in 5 days! Nothing makes me happier than a quick sale!

They're now off to St. Louis for new jobs and a new home there - loved working with you both and congratulations again!

Marina - 1st Time Buyer

Marina purchased her first home in the Perkins area.

Her new home is a ranch style, completely renovated and adorable! Wishing you many happy years in your new home!

Paul & Emily - Purchasers

Paul & Emily moved back to Memphis from Florida.

Their new home is an adorable bungalow in the Evergreen Historical District. They have big plans for renovating the kitchen, and it has a perfect back yard for all of their pups! Congratulations!

Dave & Gail - Investor Clients

Dave renovated a huge home in Lakewood Hills to sell. The buyers are very excited about their beautiful new home!

He is currently working on a new renovation in the Cooper-Young Historical District, which should be ready by the first of the year - be watching for it!

Congratulations Dave on a renovation well done!

Doc & Benita - Sellers & Buyers - Repeat Clients

Newlyweds Doc & Benita had two homes to sell in Whitehaven - then they purchased their first home as a married couple in southeast Memphis. Their new home is very spacious, has a great floor plan, a backyard for entertaining, and a "playroom" for the boyz. Best of everything to you both!

Lamar - First Time Buyer

After looking at pretty much every home in Germantown and Collierville, Lamar decided to build a gorgeous custom home in Collierville -9 months after contract signing, his new place was finally completed. His new home has so many amenities - truly an original (just like him!). Wishing you many years of happiness in your new place!

Heather & Tom - First Time Buyers

Heather & Tom moved to Memphis from the Baltimore area and picked out a lovely 4-square in Cooper-Young Historical District. They have lots of space to fill! Best wishes!

Troy & Jennifer - First Time Buyers ~ Robert & Joyce - Sellers (Repeat Clients - Not Pictured)

Troy & Jennifer bought their first home in Bartlett. They have lots more room in their new home and their son Skyler has a big backyard to play with his pup! Jenn, you were an angel to work with and you're one of the nicest families I know.

I sold Troy & Jennifer's new home to Robert & Joyce (not pictured) several years back, but they decided they wanted to go back home to Tipton County. I enjoyed working with both families on this deal!

Dagny & Raymond - First Time Buyers

Dagny & Raymond settled into the cutest house on one of the prettiest streets in Midtown. Their new home has been beautifully renovated and is ready to enjoy! Congratulations!

Tanya - First Time Buyer

Tanya came all the way from Australia to buy a home in Memphis! She got the cutest condo - plenty of room, safe and secure, and filled with amenities. Best wishes to you always Tanya!

Tony & Elizabeth (Buyers) ~ Tim & Phyllis (Sellers & Repeat Clients)

Tim & Phyllis had land to sell and Tony & Elizabeth were looking to find the perfect spot to build their dream home. Funny how things work out, uh? I represented both Sellers & Buyers in this transaction. Phyllis & Tim (and most of their family) are repeat & past clients. Congratulations all & enjoy!

Matt & Jeremy - 1st Time Buyers

Matt & Jeremy purchased their very first home in the Pink Palace area - their home is very low maintenace, cute and ready for move in! They have plans for a pool and other renovations - good luck & congratulations!

Scott & Chris - 1st Time Buyers

Scott & Chris relocated from Jackson, MS to Midtown - talk about culture shock! We found them a great fixer upper in Cooper Young with tons of space! Good luck guys on the renovations! As you can see from the picture, Scott & Chris are loads of fun. Be good guys!

Dondi & Donna - 1st Time Buyers

Dondi, Donna & their daughter Paige moved to Memphis from Boston - they purchased their dream home in Cordova. It has plenty of room, is beautifully decorated and has a great yard for Paige to enjoy! I'm so happy for you!

Renee & Kristie - Sellers & Purchasers

I sold Renee & Kristie's current home and then represented them in the purchase of their dream home in Davieshire. The new house is gorgeous, spacious and complete with a pool! Enjoy!

David & Linda (not pictured) - Purchasers

David & Linda purchased another investment home - this one for Linda's Mom. It's cute, cute and ready for her move-in! Enjoy & Congratulations!

Endy - 3-time Past Client

Endy has purchased & sold several homes with me - her most recent is in Midtown - she and her pups (all 3 of them) are loving their new home!

Ed & Bessie - Sellers

I sold Ed & Bessie's home in Cooper-Young of more than 30 years to one of my investors - they were ready to downsize. Best wishes Ed & Bess in your new home in Bartlett!

Jennifer (with her sister Pam) - Purchaser

Jennifer bought Sarah & Peter's previous home (below). Jennifer's sister Pam found the house by literal accident - everything worked out perfectly - Sarah & Peter got moved into their new home, and Jennifer got the new home she wanted! Congratulations!!!!!

Sarah, Peter & Grace - Sellers & Purchasers

We sold Sarah & Peter's home to Jennifer (above). Then, we found their beautiful new home in Bartlett. This home was also totally renovated and ready for move in! Best wishes at your new address!

Brad & Kathy - Purchasers

We found Brad & Kathy's first home in Memphis in beautiful Midtown! Their new home has been totally renovated and is gorgeous! Welcome to Memphis and congratulations again!

Patricia - Purchaser

Patricia moved to Memphis from Maryland. We found her the cutest house in Midtown. She has plans for a few renovations and is looking forward to enjoying many happy years at her new address! Congratulations, Patricia!

Virginia - Purchaser & Investor

I sold Virginia Mary & Milton's home (below). She has big plans for renovation and then will resell in late Spring. Congratulations and good luck with all of the construction Virginia!

Mary & Milton - Sellers

I sold Mary & Milton's home that they occupied for more than 30 years! All of their children were raised there, but it was time to downsize. I know they hate to leave, but we did get a great buyer for the property, who plans many renovations! Congratulations Mary & Milton!

Rachelle - First-Time Buyer

Rachelle relocated to Memphis from Maryland. We found the cutest house for her in Midtown - it was SO cute, that her inspector used it on one of his mailouts! Rachelle has also adopted a pup from the Memphis Humane Society - now she has great company in her beautiful new home. Best to you always Rachelle!

Joseph & Cheryl - 1st Time Buyers

We searched a while until we found the perfect home for Cheryl & Joseph! Their home is convenient to work and their place of worship. Best of luck to you in your new home!

Rorie - 1st Time Buyer

Rorie purchased a beautiful home in the heart of Midtown. She has plans for minor renovations and I know she'll make it beautiful! Her brother Eric was a past client of mine several years back. Congratulations again Rorie!

Rob & Lisa - Sellers & Investors

I sold Rob and Lisa's beautiful home in Midtown so they could move to Nesbit, MS. They hated to leave it, but they'll be back to Midtown after the kids are grown. They also enjoy purchasing investment property in the Midtown area.

Terri & Dan - Buyers

Dan & Terri made a BIG move - all the way from Minnesota! We found their gorgeous home in East Cordova. There is plenty of room to grow in and it's packed with Midtown charm! Congratulations!

Laura & Jason - Buyers & Sellers

Jason & Laura found their dream home in Vollintine-Evergreen Historical District. Their new home is BEAUTIFUL and has so much potential! Can't wait to see your renovations! Congratulations!

Steve & Mary - First-Time Buyers

Steve & Mary purchased their very first home in Cordova. It's a beautiful two-story, loaded with amenities and a huge backyard. The riding lawnmower that came with the house was an extra bonus! Steve and Mary's home was featured in the local paper recently - congrats!

Darnell - First-Time Buyer

Darnell found his beautiful first home in southeast Memphis. He has big plans for renovations and plenty of room to grow in. Darnell you were a joy to work with and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Past Clients & Testimonials

"I love my clients!"

Everett & Mary - First-Time Buyers

Not bad at all for a first home! Everett & Mary purchased a beautiful home in Eads, TN., complete with 4+ acres, a fantastic horse barn, and plenty of room to grown in! They just need the horses at this point! Congratulations!

Steve & Tara - Sellers & Buyers - Repeat Clients

I sold Steve & Tara's beautiful home to a nice couple from Minneapolis. They've already moved into their new home and are ready to move on with life and their new baby expected in September! Congratulations!

Jangela & Marcus - First Time Purchasers

Jan & Marcus chose a beautiful home as their very first! Lots of Midtown charm and character and ready for move-in!

Jan still has big plans to do more renovations and I can't wait to see them when she's done!

Best wishes to you both and many years of happiness at your new address!

Michael - Purchaser

Michael purchased his second home in Midtown - He got a spacious home, totally renovated and ready for move-in. Michael & I will now be neighbors as he's moved into historical Cooper-Young!

Congratulations and best wishes always, Michael!

Endy Barrett - Seller & Purchaser - Repeat Client

Endy has purchased her newest home in Midtown. She actually was renting this house and decided to buy it, so Endy didn't have to pay movers this time! Best wishes to you always Endy!

Michelle - First-Time Buyer

Michelle purchased an adorable home that has been completely renovated! Very low-maintenance and plenty of room for the kids to enjoy! Wishing you many happy years in your new home, Michelle!

Anthony & Teresa - Sellers & Buyers

We sold Tony & Teresa's home in Cordova and then purchased their dream home in East Memphis. They are ready to do small renovations and get moved in within the next month. Congratulations!

Margo - First-Time Buyer

Margo purchased her very first home in Southeast Memphis. It's cute as it can be and ready for her to move in! I wish you and your family many happy years at your new address Margo!

Philip & Julie - Sellers

I sold Philip & Julie's home to Zach (below). Philip & Julie were relocated to Michigan with their jobs, so we never got to meet in person. Congratulations on the sale of your home in Memphis and hope you'll come back soon for a visit!

Zach - First-Time Buyer

Zach purchased his very first home in Vollintine-Evergreen Historical District. He made a wise selection and his home is ready for move-in! Enjoy!

Joe & Patti - Sellers & Purchasers

We sold Joe & Patti's home to Clara (down the page) and they purchased a beautiful low-maintenance brick home in Bartlett. Faux finishes throughout, a large landscaped yard complete with a pond, and a kitchen to die for!

As always, wishing you the very best in your new home! Congratulations Patti, Joe & Jessica!

Mike - Purchaser & Seller

I sold Mike his lovely Midtown home and then sold it for him when he was relocated out of state with his job. As expected, it sold very quickly to a new buyer.

Mike didn't come back to town for his closing, so we can only show you a picture of his home.

Best wishes with your new life in Maryland!

Barbara & Melissa - First-Time Buyers

These two sisters are ready for their a new home! They purchased their very first home in Cordova with a low-maintenance brick exterior, plenty of room inside, and a quiet cove setting. Best wishes girls on your new "digs".

Christopher & Amy - Buyers

Chris & Amy purchased their new home in Bartlett. Their home is on a nice corner lot with plenty of room for the kids to play and on a quiet cove.

I enjoyed working with you very much and wish you many happy years at your new address! Congratulations again!

Chanti - First-Time Buyer

Chanti purchased her first home in Southeast Memphis. Her new home has been totally updated with a new roof, new paint, beautiful decor, and a fully fenced yard!

Best wishes to you and your children!

Laurie - Buyer & Seller

We found this great Midtown charmer for Laurie a few years back. Then, we had to sell once she was transferred out of state with her new job.

I always enjoy working with you Laurie, and wish you all the best in your new town! Hope you'll get back to Memphis often.

Tom & Karen - Sellers

I sold Tom & Karen's beautiful home in Southeast Memphis. They were transferred with their jobs to Washington. We never had a chance to meet in person, thus, the picture of their home!

Congratulations on getting your home sold. I know how happy you'll be to move on with life in Washington!

John & Ashley - First-Time Buyers

Ashley & John purchased their very first home in Midtown. It's gorgeous and i'm so excited for them both! All of their pups and cats will enjoy this one!

Rachel - Seller & Buyer - Repeat Client

This is my third transaction with Rachel. I've sold two homes in the past for her - one out east and one in the Pink Palace area. This time, she's purchased a lovely home in the heart of Central Gardens. Rachel's renovations of this latest home were featured in the Commercial Appeal - Congrats Rachel!

The Carter Family - Sellers & Repeat Clients

The Carter's home in Germantown sold quickly. Endy, one of the sisters, is another past client. I enjoyed working with you all! Good luck!

Dean & Jenny - Sellers & Buyers

Dean & Jenny's first home in Cooper-Young sold in 7 days at full price! They really hate to leave this great old home, but needed a bit more space for their two baby girls!

Their new home is spacious, and faces the 18th hole at Galloway Golf Course - not bad for house #2!

You were both a joy to work with and will be missed (in the neighborhood) terribly! Congratulations!

Mark - Seller & Investor

Mark has sold two of his properties with me. We just closed on a house he has in Midtown and a condo also in Midtown.

Congratulations Mark - I look forward to our continued work together!

Minnie Bell - First-Time Buyer

Minnie purchased her very first home in a new construction neighborhood on the south side of Memphis. She got a spacious home that was ready for move-in!

Congratulations Minnie! I'm so excited for you and wish you many happy years at your new address!

Farola - Seller

Faye had a beautiful four bedroom home in the Bartlett area that we sold very quickly. Faye plans to move in with one of her sons and his family. I know the grandchildren will keep her very busy! I've also sold her son's home in Midtown. Enjoy!

Dorothy & Michael - Sellers & Buyers

I sold Dorothy & Michael's home in southeast Memphis and then represented them with the purchase of their new home in east Memphis. Their new home is so beautiful!

The Oliver's are such a wonderful family, and I truly enjoyed working with them! Congratulations Dorothy, Michael & Krystal!

Dexter & Kimberly (not pictured) - First-Time Buyers

Dexter & Kim purchased their first home in a quiet little cove in north Memphis.

The home is totally renovated with a huge backyard and a great covered back porch, hardwood floors, and much more!

Best of luck to you all!

Kay & Betty - Sellers & Purchasers

Kay & Betty purchased a home in Cooper-Young and have big plans for this one! They plan to tear this one down and build a new home on the lot exactly to their specifications.

They also sold another home in Cooper-Young -Congratulations Kay & Betty and best of luck with the new construction. Let the ground breaking begin!

Hazel - Seller, Buyer & Investor

Hazel is my busiest investor! She purchased several homes from me in the Midtown area for full renovation and then resale.

Good luck and congratulations, Hazel!

Jennifer - Seller & Buyer - Repeat Client

I sold Jennifer's renovated home on Felix Ave. in Cooper-Young historical district and sold her her new home also in Midtown.

Jennifer has big plans for renovation of the new home and must do it quickly, as the new baby will be here soon!

Good luck & congratulations, Jennifer!

Brett - Buyer

Brett bought his first home in Tipton County. He's doing major renovations now and should stay busy well into winter! Congratulations again!

Bess & Sydney - Sellers

Bess & Sidney had a beautiful historic triplex in Midtown to sell. I personally hated to see this home go - I wanted to buy it for myself!!!

Congratulations on your sale and thank you again for your trust and confidence in me!

Past Clients & Testimonials

"I love my clients!"

Clara - First-Time Buyer ~ Joe & Patti - Sellers & Repeat Clients

Clara bought her first home from Patti & Joe. She has a totally renovated, immaculate & beautiful home to move into with a gorgeous, large yard with plenty of trees to keep her cool in the summertime!

I represented both the buyer & sellers in this sale. Best of luck to you all!

Margaret & Mary - Purchasers

Mother & Daughter purchased their dream home in Bartlett, complete with a pool, sprawling deck, pond and plenty of acreage! Enjoy!

They will both be selling their current homes in the near future - be sure and watch for them on my website!

Chip - First-Time Buyer

Chip purchased his first home in Memphis in the High Point Terrace area. He purchased Steve & Jennifer's home (further down the page) - I represented both parties in this transaction. Chip plans for a lot of renovations to this already beautiful home.

Best of luck to you with your upcoming marriage! Enjoy!

Carolyn - Seller & Mary - Buyer

Mary purchased Carolyn's home in the heart of the University of Memphis area. She already lived next door to the property! This home sold the first week it was on the market. I represented both sides in this sale.

Congratulations to you both!

David - First-Time Buyer

David purchased his very first home in the Snowden Historical District. He has tons of space to fill! Good luck David with all of your renovations!

Ruth - First-Time Buyer

Ruth bought a beautifully renovated home just outside of Chickasaw Gardens. She and Sheba (her cat) have lots of space to fill and decorate. Enjoy all of the beautiful scenery! Congratulations!!!!

Kerry & Stanley - First-Time Buyers

Kerry & Stanley purchased their first home in East Memphis. This home was ready to move in, with beautiful colors, hardwood floors and great landscaping - and a special bird and a nest filled with babies. And, Kerry managed to get promoted and plan a wedding all at the same time! Best of luck to you Kerry & Stanley!

Chris & Taffi - First-Time Buyers ~ Rita & Tommy - Sellers

Taffi & Chris purchased Rita & Tommy's home as their very first. Tommy & Rita are relocating to Dyersburg and purchased their dream home there. I represented both parties in this transaction. Best of luck to you all!

Jennifer & Steve - Sellers & Purchasers - Repeat Clients

I sold Steve & Jennifer's fabulous home in High Point Terrace and then represented them in the purchase of their new home in East Memphis. Jennifer has BIG plans for additions to the home - Congratulations!

Cindy & Rusty - Sellers

Cindy & Rusty's custom built home sold in just 3 days! Congratulations on the sale of your home and I will look forward to working with you both again really soon!

Ed & Marlo - Buyers & Sellers

Marlo purchased her first home in Memphis after moving here from Oklahoma City. Her Dad, Ed, came down too to make sure she found the perfect one. After finishing dental school, Marlo moved out of state - her home sold quickly once again. Thanks again to you both!

Greg & Endy - Sellers & Repeat Clients

I sold Greg & Endy's home to Allison & Jeff (below). Congratulations to Greg & Endy on their sale!

Allison & Jeff - Buyers

Allison & Jeff purchased their first home in Memphis after relocating from North Carolina. They plan to do a few renovations, and got a great home! Best wishes!

Carla & Angie - First-Time Buyers

Carla & Angie purchased their first home in Historical Cooper-Young. Their home has already been totally renovated - and it's beautiful! Best wishes!

Traci - Buyer & Investor Client

Traci & Jay (not pictured) have purchased and sold several homes in the Midtown area. Congratulations!

Kathryn - First-Time Buyer

Kathryn purchased her first home in Cooper-Young. She's already completed many renovations, and her house is beautiful!!!

John - First-Time Buyer

John purchased his first home in High Point Terrace. Good luck with your move & renovations!

Ken - Purchaser

Ken purchased his first home in Midtown. His home is located on a quiet, dead-end street - just what he wanted! Enjoy!

Mark - First-Time Buyer

Mark purchased a duplex in Midtown - he has plans for a few renovations - enjoy!

Danielle - Seller & Michelle - Buyer

I sold Danielle's condo in Midtown to Michelle. Danielle relocated to New Orleans. Best wishes to you both in your new homes!

Kimberly Nettles - Seller

Kimberly's beautiful home sold the first day on the market - Kimberly relocated to California. Miss you Kimberly - come back to Memphis soon!

Melissa Walker & Patrick Bolton - Purchasers

Melissa and Patrick purchased their first home in historical Midtown. Lots of room for their first home and lots of renovation ahead of them! Congratulations!

Stephen & Jennifer Lackey - Purchasers & Repeat Clients

The Lackey's purchased a beautiful home in East Memphis. Jennifer has BIG plans for additions to the home - Congratulations!

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